This week we break down some of the changes coming to Magic Online. We then breakdown all of hot technology at SCG Richmond. Despite a strong showing from Jeskai and G/B, there were a few lists just on the cusp that show a glimpse of what the format has to offer. Finally, we talk about the various Pro Tour teams, and Mike and Dave discuss the terms of their Pro Tour burrito bet.

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At Your End Step - Episode 165 - Drops of Jupiter

This week the guys break down all of the new decks and cards that were flung at SCG Columbus. Listen to us break down the weekend’s best decks and platers. Plus, Mike discusses the deck he took to a 22nd place finish. We also discuss a few community topics including the Riley Oberhart Memorial Tournament. For more information on that event, click the following link:

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We are back with our post palooza episode. This week we discuss some minor announcements about Wizards of the Coast’s digital plans going forward. We also talk about the changes to MTGO, and we celebrate the continuing death of “pile shuffling”. With the prereleases behind us, and the Open just around the corner, we continue discussing last week’s bannings. What will the formats look like in Columbus? We have the answers you are looking for...maybe.

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Happy New Year everyone! This week we shake off the rust and discuss some of the exciting cards from Aether Revolt. With just one week until the PALOOZA, we can’t wait to see what the full spoiler has waiting for us. After that, the guys boldly go (see, we managed to get one of those Star Trek references in the notes!) into a discussion about the talk of the town, Frontier.

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This week on At Your End Step, the guys discuss a few community topics, including the just previewed Tezzeret the Schemer! We also review the Player’s Championship and send our congrats to winner Joe Lossett. Next, we discuss a few cards with targets on their backs as we head into Aether Revolt spoiler season in our Question of the Week. Lastly we finish by discussing our Aether Revolt Christmas wishlists.

We will be off next week, so everyone enjoy the holidays and we will catch you in 2017!

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In this weeks episode, the boys discuss some interesting questions about the game, and get off on some wild tangents near the end of the show. Enjoy!

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The week the boys go through all the results from the weekend and talk about Mike's Top 4 finish at SCG Atlanta


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At Your End Step - Episode 158 - We're Not Thankful for Standard

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