This week, we discuss at length what we can about Announcement Week, including the changes to sets and the new updated banned & restricted list. Also, we take a look at The People's Format, Modern. Plus a new giveaway launches this week!

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This week the guys discuss the Hour of Devastation leaks (aka the Wotc oopsie). They also discuss the new Archenemy box set. After this, they move into the competitive portion of the show to discuss some local tournaments and the three Standard GPs. Join us as we delve into the decks that duked it out with Temur Marvel.

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This week the guys discuss the ramifications of rebooting the the late 90s television show Early Edition. Additionally, they discuss the newly announced Commander Anthology. The bulk of the show rotates around the various Modern tournaments that took place last week. With multiple archetypes represented and huge numbers for all three tournaments, Modern is now the undisputed people’s format. With that in mind, the guys finish by discussing what lessons WotC can take from Modern and apply to Standard in our Question of the Week. Enjoy!

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This week the guys tackle a slew of community topics. They discuss the creation of the new Play Design team in Wotc R&D. They also discuss everything from Nationals to information about the SCG Invitational. In the competitive segment, the guys discuss their run in SCG Kentucky. They then, quickly, discuss the mess of Standard GPs. Make sure to get your Legacy fix at Comic Town this weekend!

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It’s all Pro Tour Amonkhet all the time on this week’s At Your End Step. The guys break down all of the news from this weekend’s event. Congratulations of course go out to Gerry Thompson for winning the whole freaking thing. They go on to talk about all of the decks that did well on the weekend. They then discuss where the format might go as Mike and Morgan head to SCG Louisville this weekend. Enjoy!

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This week the guys discuss the season 2 announcement from Star City Games. The people’s format has spoken, and it is here to stay. Next they move into the competitive segment and discuss the three Grand Prixs that took place last week. Finally, they discuss the upcoming Pro Tour and what they expect from the new Standard format. Enjoy!

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This week the guys are joined by level two judge JP! He has been a staple of the Columbus Magic Community, but now, he has snagged an awesome job with Star City Games. We invited him on to discuss this week’s topics and to send him off. We talk the emergency banning, the rules update, and of course all of the interesting decks from the Atlanta open.

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This week the guys delve into a huge stack of community topics, starting with the elephant in the room, the banned and restricted announcement. After this, they go back to the huge info drop that Wizards of the Coast released last week concerning Nationals and more! Next they talk the changes to the infamous “combat” rules conundrum. Lastly, the guys discuss their options for Standard before this week’s Comic Town Classic.

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The title says it all!

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This week the guys talk about all of the gods spoiled in Amonkhet. They also discuss some Vorthos ideas and the current storyline. Then they shift into last week’s competitive tournaments. They close the show by ranking all of the Amonkhet mechanics. Don’t forget to enter our contest! Go to Twitter, retweet the contest tweet, and follow our page (@yoursendstep).

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