Khans of Tarkir New Standard Preview




  • Prerelease: Mike - Mardu, Jeskai, Dave - Temur. Morgan - Abzan

  • Thoughts on

    • New seeded rares/pack

    • Sealed Format

    • Outlook on Draft Format





Strategy Mailbag


Chase asks thoughts on Wingmate Roc in Abzan Midrange?


Zeb wants to know if a deck featuring Hardened Scales is possible?


Min wants more info about Jeskai - Jeskai burn specifically


Mike wants to know about Ktk  Wedges vs Shards Wedges (more fetches)

RG wants to know if any of the outlast cards are good enough with Ajani Steadfast?

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Khans of Tarkir Spoiler Extravaganza!




  • The Community Cup

    • The Community winning means we get promos and formats

    • Coverage was entirely unwatchable

  •  Cube Invitational

    • Mike crushes it and all those who opose







Work through the colors hitting notable cards. (Discuss playability in Standard, Modern, Limited, Cube, Battlebox)


  • White - 0:21:00

  • Blue - 0:45:00

  • Black - 1:05:00

  • Red - 1:23:00

  • Green - 1:43:00

  • Multicolor, Artifacts, Lands -  1:54:00
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  • The PAX Party

    • Cards Announced -

      • New Clan Charms - Utilizing New Formatting

      • All 5 Mechanics

        • Jeskai - Prowess

        • Mardu - Raid

        • Temur - Ferocious

        • Azban - Outlast

        • Sultai - Delve

      • Clan Enchantments

      • New Walkers: Sorin, Solemn Visitor, Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker

      • 5 Mana Wrath and more!

  • Reveal of Fate Reforged -

    • Sarkhan goes back in time to save Ugin

    • Connection to Zendikar/Eldrazi

    • Nicol Bolas spotted in the art

    • Pre-Mending Walkers?



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Mike, Dave and Morgan are back this week to discuss GP Kobe, SCG Washington, DC and the recent changes made to Standard rotation and block structure.


Be sure the visit our sponsor,!

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Hello boys and girls!

Mike, Jordan, Morgan and Dave are back this wekk to talk GenCon and the new Kahns cards that were spoiled. We also discuss the PTQ that happened in Columbus, as well as discuss a hot button issue in the community. You'll have to listen to see which one it is!

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Morgan, Dave, Mike and Jordan discuss the organized play changes as well as discuss the Pro Tour in depth!

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Mike Jordan Morgan and Dave are back again this week to discuss new info on Khans and check out the newest decks form #SCGKC and #GPBOS. Also we do another Going to Turns!



  • San Diego Comic Con:

    • Khans of Tarkir Block

      • Time travel element/storyline.

      • Large-small-large block structure

        • Draft structure will be 3x Khans // 2x Khans, 1x middle set // 1x middle set, 2x 3rd set.

    • Khans of Tarkir Specifically

      • Wedge set - New wedge/clan names (like, dislike?)

        • WBG Abzan

        • URW Jeskai

        • BGU Sultai

        • RWB Mardu

        • GUR Temur

      • Each clan gets own mechanic - total of 6 new mechanics for Khans.

        • Morph is one of them, but not the only returning mechanic.

      • 40 possible prerelease rares

    • Commander Product - out Nov 7th

      • Mono-colored product

      • Planeswalker as commander, 5 new mono-colored planeswalkers

        • Teferi, Temporal Archmage revealed

      • Cycle of mono-colored legends from Magic’s past that never got a card (ex. Ghoulcaller Gisa)

    • Vs Decks

      • Reprints

      • Elves vs. Goblins, Jace vs. Chandra, Divine vs. Demonic, and Garruk vs. Liliana

    • Duel Deck - Speed vs. Cunning:

    • FTV: Annihilation spoilers

      • Armageddon*, Rolling Earthquake, Cataclysm*, and Living Death* officially confirmed. * = new art

      • Leaked images from back in April show Upheaval, Firespout*, Child of Alara, Virtue’s Ruin, Wrath of God*, Smokestack*, Burning of Xinye, Decree of Annihilation, Fracturing Gust, Terminus, Martial Coup.



GP NotBoston:

Podcast Republic Google Play Store link -

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Welcome to another exciting episode of At Your End Step! This week the guys discuss the new rule changes that accompanied Magic 2015, SCG Baltimore results, the Modern IQ held at Empire Cards over the weekend and the design changes that have happened with Magic Online V4 as well as Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015.

Rules Changes -

SCG Baltimore -

Mike's U/W Tron list -

Dr. Cat's forum post regarding MTGOv4 -

Duels of the Planeswalkers 2015 reviews - 

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Started at the bottom...and now we're here!



Come listen to Dave, Jordan, Mike and Morgan discuss the banned and restricted list update, Magic 2015 prereleasing, and the new hotness, Battle Box!


It's a special one for us, and we couldn't have done it without our wonderful listeners! Thank you! 

We're also on iTunes now, so please be sure to subscribe to us so you never have to miss an episode again!





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Mike is on vacation this week, but Morgan, Jordan, and Dave are here to bring you a fresh and exciting new episode!

We start with our competitive segment, as Morgan and Jordan recap their experiences at the PTQ in Toledo, OH. Were either of them able to punch a ticket to the gun Tour? We then get into the Standard and Legacy results from the SCG Open in Wuhstah, MA (spelling updated for correct pronunciation). We can all only hope to be as good as Charlie Mitchell one day.

Next we look at the recent announcement of the M15 Clash Pack. This new product comes with some pretty nifty alternate art foils and some relevant reprints.

Hall of Fame voting season is here once again. You may have noticed quite a few articles posted recently regarding this topic. We discuss a handful of candidates to see who might headline the HOF Class of 2014.

Finally, the M15 prerelease is this weekend! We take a look at all of the prerelease foils as well as some of the relevant cards for limited.

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