• GP New Jersey this weekend.  None of us are going, but could be good to talk about how big of a GP it is going to be.

    • Literal street signs to help players find tables

    • Brainstorm sleeves (omg)

    • 24 PortaPotties to accommodate bathroom necessities.

  • The PPTQ’s for Vancouver have been announced!

    • Plenty for Ohio: Mostly standard, some modern

    • This is...more than I anticipated.  How does this impact qualifying for the average grinder and what do we think in general about this (attendance size, good move or bad move for wizards, etc.)

  • Individual results from SCG Open.  How’d we do?

    • Jordan lol

    • Morgan?

    • Someone wanna speak for Mike?

    • Dave and the ole top 8 run (story time)



  • StarcityGames Columbus Standard Open

    • New in the news: Abzan still good.  Tournament won by Steve Rubin playing Abzan Midrange

    • 3 Mardu lists crack top eight and there are 6 in the top sixteen.

    • Otherwise diverse top eight: UW Heroic (Tom Ross), UB Control, and G/B Devotion all make appearances.

    • Burn, GR/x, and more abzan round out the top sixteen.

  • Modern IQ

    • 16 copies of treasure cruise to  3 U/R Delver decks and a Jeskai Ascendancy combo deck.

      • Is this card busted for modern?

    • Tron Tron Tron Tron!

    • Dave how’d you do here?

  • Legacy Open

    • 13 copies of treasure cruise to 3 U/R Delver decks and one in the Jeskai Stoneblade list.

    • Brad Nelson with a Sneak and Show top 8 and Elves makes an appearance in the finals not in the hands of Riley Curran.

    • Besides this U/R Delver epidemic, legacy seems open and healthy.


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