• Entries into our contest is closed and we will announce the winners on our next episode, which will be recorded on January 6th. Thank you to all that participated!





  • SCG PC Fantasy Draft for Chipotle, what did our rosters look like?




  • Before getting into the results, let’s talk about the hits and misses from the tournament/coverage.

    • The tournament structure was very confusing and didn’t make a lot of sense to people.

    • Tiebreakers also played a huge role and were equally as confusing.

    • There were no draws in this tournament, yet the rounds were timed. If players got to a point where they got to time + 5 turns, highest life total determined the game.

    • While it promoted more drama with multiple elimination matches, was this really the best way to determine the best player?

    • Video player profiles and deck techs for all of the standard and legacy decks was awesome.

    • What would we like to see on the next go around?

  • Brad Nelson defeats Gerard Fabiano in the finals to become the first ever SCG Players’ Champ!

    • Reid Duke and BBD round out the top 4.

  • Standard was very top-heavy with Sultai Whip decks. Gerard Fabiano and Reid Duke played No-Sidisi versions and relied more on Eidolon of Blossoms for card advantage.

  • Jeskai Tokens was played by 4 different people and was not impressive overall. Only Ross Merriam ended with a positive record.

  • U/W Heroic was played by 3 players and was also very underwhelming.

  • BBD played the Abzan Aggro deck that we highlighted last week.

  • Not too much to say about legacy. Not surprisingly, everyone played what they knew with the exception of Joe Lossett playing Reanimator instead of Miracles.

  • How do we feel about the tournament as a whole?



  • Mike and Morgan’s PPTQ story from a few weeks ago.

  • Dave and Morgan make FNM their bitch!




  • 1K Super IQ @ Comic Town on 12/27!

  • Open Series Trials are still being run for Standard FNM over the next few weeks.

  • SCG Standard Open is coming to Columbus January 3rd and 4th. New format, etc.

  • 10K PTQ! Being run by Comic Town on Saturday, January 10th at the Columbus Convention Center. (cue John Cena music!)





#Underground Dojo Keyboard Cagefighters

Khans of Tarkir being sweet

Shahar going back to back

Mike won an Open

The podcast turned one, we’re walking now!

GP Richmond for being the best tournament all year, fun trip

Discovery of Battle Box, the best format of all time

Props to Ray Perez for winning ROY



Born of the Gods and Journey into Nyx being meh

Cheaters. Specifically Jared Boettcher for breaking Morgan’s heart

GP Chicago being frustrating

MTGO switching to V4, and being dog shit for the most part :(Jordan for choosing WOW over us

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1 week left for the contest! We are currently at 24 reviews, need 1 more for the FTV giveaway!





  • Cardmageddon was a colossal failure.

    • $25k in prizes were given out for a total of 49 players.

    • Stream was extremely laggy and basically unwatchable. (Not sure if this was due to poor camera quality or bad internet at the venue.)

    • CEO of Card Again posted in this Reddit thread.

    • How or why could this have happened?




  • SCG Invitational in Seattle won by 17 year old Dylan Donegan.

  • SCG Standard Open won by Eric English playing Sidisi Whip.

    • This was the first Open that used the new 15 round format (449 players).

    • Top 8 Decks: Sidisi Whip, RW Aggro, UW Heroic, RG Aggro, Temur Monsters, 3x Abzan Whip

    • The RW Aggro deck played by Eric Pei was also played by Nathan Holiday, who finished 29th.

    • Dave’s Deck Corner - Andrew Tenjum and Thea Steele finished 9th and 10th playing near identical Abzan Aggro decks.

  • Legacy IQ (222 players) won by Joe Bass playing UWr Miracles.

    • Top 8 Decks: Miracles, Grixis Painter, Maverick, Lands, Storm, UR Delver, Omni Tell, Elves

  • Modern IQ (144 players) won by Jeff Fung playing Abzan.

    • Gerry T was the runner up, playing UR Delver (Chapin List).

    • Top 8 Decks: 2x Abzan, UR Delver, Birthing Pod, Jeskai Geist, Scapeshift, 4c Zoo (w/Siege Rhino!), RG Tron


  • GP Baltimore (Limited) was won by Gerard Fabiano.

    • Top 8 also included Ben Stark, Craig Wescoe, Chris Fennell, and Josh Utter-Leyton.

    • Fabiano showed great sportsmanship by scooping game 2 of the finals after life discrepancy judge ruling that benefitted him.


  • GP Milan (Modern) was won by Magnus Lantto playing Birthing Pod.

    • Top 8 Decks: 2x Birthing Pod, 2x Jeskai Ascendancy(different versions), Amulet Combo, Temur Delver, Burn, Affinity*(Old School. Myr Enforcers and Scale of Chiss-Goria ?!?!)





  • PTQ in Dayton run by Epic Loot this Saturday, 12/20. Will also have a Modern PPTQ being run as a side event.

  • Standard PPTQ on Sunday 12/21 at Bell, Book and Comic in Dayton. Capped at 72.

  • Super IQ @ Comic Town on Saturday 12/27.

  • Open Series Trials are still going for the next 3 weeks for Standard FNM @ Comic Town.

  • 10K PTQ on 1/10 being run by Comic Town at the Convention Center.

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World Championship Day 1 (Tuesday)


  • Vintage Masters draft and Modern.

    • Chapin, Shenhar, and Cifka were the 3-0 drafters.

    • Anything to discuss on VM draft? Josh Utter Leyton opened the lone piece of power, a Mox Jet.

    • Josh Utter Leyton seemingly breaks the Modern format with his new build of Jeskai Ascendancy combo (also played by Martell and PV). Takes out green entirely and uses Fatestitcher and/or Faerie Conclave to go off.

    • Patrick Chapin is the lone 7-0 after day 1. Played UR Delver in Modern.


World Championship Day 2 (Wednesday)


  • KTK Draft and Standard.

    • Yuuya Watanabe, Kentaro Yamamoto, and Jacob Wilson were the 3-0 drafters.

    • Due to the untimed rounds, a lot of players went with Whip decks in Standard (Abzan or Sidisi).

    • There were a couple of cool decks including Sam Black’s RW Tokens and the new Mono Red deck played by Levy and Dezani, but Watanabe reshaped the landscape of Standard with his Jesaki Tokens deck. Many WMC teams, including the US, picked it up for the Unified Standard portion (much like Kibler’s RG aggro deck last year). The deck was all over the SCG Open as well.

    • Chapin, Watanabe, Yamamoto, and Shenhar round out the top 4.

      • Shaun Mclaren finishes 5th on breakers.

    • Watanabe and Yamamoto had ID’d in round 13, which caused a little stir on Twitter by one Mr. Kibler. Do we really care about this?


Off Day (Thursday)


  • PV’s Worlds report is published on Channel Fireball. Indicates an incident involving Jeremy Dezani and one of the dealers on site (Magic Bazaar). The dealer had a list of cards that other Worlds competitors had purchased and shared with Dezani. We don’t know if this info was asked for or just shared by the dealer, but apparently Dezani’s story changed from “I don’t know anything” to “Well, I didn’t ask for this info…”.


World Magic Cup Day 1 (Friday)


  • Malaysia leads the pack after day 1 with the only perfect record (6-0-1).

  • USA finished 26th after day 1, advancing to pool play as a lower seed.

  • Notable day 2 misses were Japan (33rd on breakers), France (48th), and Canada (66th).

  • Portugal’s Marcio Carvalho was DQ’d for presenting an illegal deck (59 card deck. card under his life pad?). The team was allowed to play on with their 3 remaining members. Carvalho has been suspended for cheating before in 2009 and according to pros like Tom Martell, Patrick Chapin, and Matt Sperling, he has run this same cheat in the past. Here is Carvalho’s side of the story.


World Magic Cup Day 2 (Saturday)


  • USA goes 5-1 in pool play to advance to the top 8.

  • South Korea, Greece, Slovak Republic, Serbia, Denmark, England, and Brazil round out the top 8.


WMC and World Championship Finals (Sunday)


  • USA defeats the Slovak Republic but falls to Greece in the top 4.

  • Denmark takes the title in an exciting final match against Greece.

  • Modern Masters 2015 Edition is announced, along with the 3 TBD Grand Prix in May 2015.

    • Will add M10, M11, Zendikar block, and Scars block.


  • Shahar Shenhar becomes the first ever back-to-back World Champion after crushing Patrick Chapin in the finals!




  • SCG Invitational in Seattle (Standard and Legacy).

  • Cardmageddon in Las Vegas (Standard)

  • GP Baltimore (Limited)

  • GP Milan (Modern). Will the new Ascendancy deck dominate?

  • PPTQs on 12/13 @ Empire and at Old School Gaming in Toledo.




  • Less than 2 weeks left for our contest!

  • Comic Town is still running Open Series trials all December and on the 1st Friday of January.

  • Super IQ at Comic Town on 12/27 (2 slots).

  • 10K PTQ on 1/10 run by CT. Invitation, $$$, CHAMPIONSHIP BELT!! Pays out to top 64!

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  • Jordan’s last show :’(


  • Star City Games announces changes to the Open Series.

    • There will be one main event per weekend. New structure to mirror that of GPs.

    • Modern will now be a supported Open format

    • Two 5k Premier IQs will be run on Sundays for the formats not used in the main event.

    • Increased prize payout (along with increased entry fee to $50)

    • Byes will be returning for Opens and no longer available for Invitationals. Can be earned by being in the top 32 on the leaderboard or through Open Trials. (Good opportunity to talk about Comic Town’s Open Trial FNMs all next month.)

    • Invitationals will now either be Standard/Legacy OR Standard/Modern.

      • These changes seemingly will have a huge impact on the Legacy community. Are people overreacting?


  • What did we think of last week’s South Park episode? (We were all way off by the way)


  • Melissa Detora accepts an internship with Wizards R&D.

    • Frank Lepore chooses love over the Pro Tour and will move to Renton with her.


  • Ari Lax’s twitter post from the GP prompts discussion about the morph rule.

    • How do we feel about this situation? Should this rule be changed?




  • GP Ottawa (Limited)

    • Seth Manfield wins his 3rd GP. Top 8 was stacked with Shahar Shenhar, Lucas Siow, Sam Black, Neal Oliver, and Pascal Maynard also making it.

    • Matt Costa just missed, finishing 9th after an undefeated day 1.

    • Huey lost his win-and-in for yet another GP top 8.


  • SCG Richmond

    • Harlan Firer takes down the Standard Open with Jeskai Token Combo. Lots of sweet decks in the top 8, including Shaheen Soorani’s Esper Control, Aaron Barich’s Abzan Aggro, Kevin Jones’ Jeskai Aggro, and Brad Nelson’s 4-Color Midrange.

    • Return of Ali Aintrazi? Finishes 9th on breakers with UB Control.


  • European invasion at the Legacy Open! Marc Konig (Bahra on Twitch) wins with Death & Taxes.

    • Several European players that had traveled for GP NJ stuck around for another week to play in the Richmond Open.

    • Other Europeans placing highly included Tomas Vlcek (top 8), Philipp Schonegger (10th), Julian Knab (11th).

    • Joe Lossett top 8s again and loses in the finals. Ben Friedman also made top 8.

  • Modern IQ won by Niklas Kronberger playing Scapeshift.

    • 6th place list is adorable. Mono Skred!


  • Mike discusses his journey to the PTQ in Cleveland.




  • GP San Antonio (Standard) and GP Strasbourg (Limited) Nov 29-30

  • SCG Open will be in Atlanta this weekend as well.


  • Worlds Week starts next week in Nice, France!

    • Dec 2-3 will be first 2 days of the World Championship.

      • Day 1: 3 rounds of Vintage Masters Draft and 4 rounds of Modern.

      • Day 2: 3 rounds of KTK Draft and 4 rounds of Standard.

      • Top 4 will be played on Sunday, Dec 7th. Standard, best of 5.

      • Coverage will start at 3am EST on all days.

    • Who are we all picking to win?


    • Dec 5-6 will be the first 2 days of the World Magic Cup.

      • At the start of each day, teams must choose which members will play in each format. Cannot have the same configuration twice for the same format. Teams also choose which decks players will play.

      • Day 1: 3 rounds of KTK team sealed and 4 rounds of team unified Standard. Top 32 teams advance to day 2.

      • Day 2, Pool Play: 3 rounds of team sealed, top 2 teams from each pool advance. 3 rounds of team unified standard, top 2 teams from each pool advance to top 8.

      • Top 8 format is not currently showing on Wizards’ event page. I’m assuming it is unified Standard. Sunday, Dec 7th.

      • Coverage will start at 4am EST for days 1 & 2, 3am EST on Sunday.




  • What are we thankful for (in Magic) over the past year?




  • Less than 1 month left to leave us a review on iTunes for the contest!



  • We will be taking a show off next week as we mourn the loss of Jordan.


  • Jordan - parting words?

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  • GP: Madrid was capped at 1900. The cap was hit, but players like Patrick Dickmann and Jeremy Dezani were allowed to enter while others were turned away.

    • Players that were turned away got the option to play in a PTQ on Sunday (11/16)

    • How do we feel about this? Obviously Wizards would prefer to have pros play in the GP, but is this going too far?


  • The new MTGO Legacy Cube debuts on 11/19 and runs until 12/10. Will pay out in Vintage Masters packs.

    • Wizards set up a few preview drafts last week with notable pros and streamers to show off the new cube. (LSV, Paul Cheon, Tom Martell, Numot, Greg Hatch, etc.)


  • This week’s South Park episode will be partially about Magic. Thoughts?




GP: Madrid (Modern)

  • Won by Immanuel Gerschenson playing RUG (Temur) Delver.

  • Top 8 Decks

    • 2x Junk Pod (No Melira)

    • Melira Pod

    • G/R Through the Breach

    • RUG Delver

    • Mono W Martyr/Proclamation

    • Scapeshift

    • White Rock (With 4x Siege Rhino!)

  • Patrick Dickmann finished 9th with UR Twin (4 Dig Through Time)

  • Ivan Floch finishes 10th with Jeskai Delver

    • 11-16th decks

    • Blue Moon

    • UR Delver

    • Scapeshift

    • UR Twin

    • White Rock

    • Junk Pod


GP: New Jersey (Legacy)

  • 4003 players showed up. Largest Legacy tournament ever and 3rd largest GP of all time.

    • Twitch stream had over 20k viewers during the finals, rivaling Pro Tour coverage.

  • Coverage was excellent, as expected. SCG went out of their way to simplify the coverage for viewers not familiar with Legacy.

    • Examples: Format overview before the tournament started. Deck primer videos breaking down most archetypes in Legacy.

  • Won by Brian Braun-Duin playing Jeskai Stoneblade

    • Tom Ross and Dan Jordan also make top 8.

  • Top 8 Decks:

    • Jeskai Stoneblade

    • Infect

    • Storm

    • 2x UWr Miracles

    • UR Delver

    • MUD

    • UR Landstill

  • Other notables in the top 16 include Bob Huang, Ross Merriam, Eli Kassis, and Jarvis Yu (All now Q’d for the Pro Tour)



  • Jordan will be stepping down as an AYES host at the end of the month.




How do you balance Magic with other hobbies/responsibilities/real life?




  • Pimp my contest.

  • Shoutout to Comic Town.

  • Who is going to PTQ this weekend?

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  • GP New Jersey this weekend.  None of us are going, but could be good to talk about how big of a GP it is going to be.

    • Literal street signs to help players find tables

    • Brainstorm sleeves (omg)

    • 24 PortaPotties to accommodate bathroom necessities.

  • The PPTQ’s for Vancouver have been announced!

    • Plenty for Ohio: Mostly standard, some modern

    • This is...more than I anticipated.  How does this impact qualifying for the average grinder and what do we think in general about this (attendance size, good move or bad move for wizards, etc.)

  • Individual results from SCG Open.  How’d we do?

    • Jordan lol

    • Morgan?

    • Someone wanna speak for Mike?

    • Dave and the ole top 8 run (story time)



  • StarcityGames Columbus Standard Open

    • New in the news: Abzan still good.  Tournament won by Steve Rubin playing Abzan Midrange

    • 3 Mardu lists crack top eight and there are 6 in the top sixteen.

    • Otherwise diverse top eight: UW Heroic (Tom Ross), UB Control, and G/B Devotion all make appearances.

    • Burn, GR/x, and more abzan round out the top sixteen.

  • Modern IQ

    • 16 copies of treasure cruise to  3 U/R Delver decks and a Jeskai Ascendancy combo deck.

      • Is this card busted for modern?

    • Tron Tron Tron Tron!

    • Dave how’d you do here?

  • Legacy Open

    • 13 copies of treasure cruise to 3 U/R Delver decks and one in the Jeskai Stoneblade list.

    • Brad Nelson with a Sneak and Show top 8 and Elves makes an appearance in the finals not in the hands of Riley Curran.

    • Besides this U/R Delver epidemic, legacy seems open and healthy.


Reminder of Contest -

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  • Jared Boettcher suspended for 46 months, Rookie of the Year title revoked.

    • Title passes down to Ray Perez Jr, who will now attend worlds.


  • Commander 2014 will be released this Friday. Full spoiler is out.

    • What do we think of this release as a whole?

    • Are there any cards we think will impact Eternal formats?


  • Third set of Khans block will be Dragons of Tarkir. Release date March 27, 2015.

    • Pro Tour will be held in Brussels, Belgium on April 10-12, 2015.


  • MTGO overhauls the cube again, now dubbed the Legacy Cube since it has cards only legal in that format.

    • Mostly positive changes. Redesigned to encourage more interactive games (ex. no swords, TNN).

    • Will be back from 11/9 - 12/10. Vintage Masters draft will also be back during this time.



  • GP Santiago (Standard)

    • Won by Eduardo dos Santos Viera, playing a very different style of Abzan than what we’re used to (3 Hornet Queen, 3 Soul of Theros!).

    • Other top 8 headliners include Brazilians Willy Edel (Sidisi Whip) and Pedro Carvalho (Temur Aggro).

    • Top 8 Decks: 2x Abzan Midrange, Abzan Aggro, 3x Temur Aggro, Sidisi Whip, Mono Red


  • GP Nashville (Team Limited)

    • Won by Matt Nass, Jacob Wilson, and Jesse Hampton.

    • Stacked top 4 included teams of Martell/PVDDR/Shenhar, Black/Severa/Vidugiris, and Sharfman/Beasley/Cox.

    • Shoutout to Matt Sommerhalter, Riley Curran, and DeWitt Kane for their undefeated day 1.


  • SCG Oakland

    • Standard Open won by Ivan Jen playing an innovative Jeskai Heroic/Ascendancy deck! (More on Dave’s Deck Corner)

    • Top 8 Decks: Jeskai Heroic Combo, 2x BG Constellation, BG Devotion, 2x Abzan Midrange, Jeskai Aggro, Temur Aggro


    • Legacy Open won by Joseph Moreno playing Dredge. Glenn Jones and Joe Lossett also make an appearance in the top 8.

    • Top 8 Decks: Dredge, Sultai Delver, ANT, UR Delver, Miracles, Goblins, Sneak and Show, Lands.

    • 2 more Dredge decks in the top 16.


    • Modern Premier IQ won by Alan Marling playing Affinity.

    • Top 16 Decks



  • Break down of the Jeskai Heroic Combo deck that won the SCG Oakland Open.

    • Is this deck a flash in the pan or a legitimate player going forward?

    • How can decks adapt to fight this deck?




  • We will be playing in the SCG Open in Columbus! Which formats are we all planning on playing? What decks are we bringing?

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  • Trevor Humphries and Alex Bertoncini banned for cheating.

    • Is Jared Boettcher next? If so, how does this affect Worlds? (Chris Fennell would get in as the next at-large player.)


  • Format change for the World Championships announced.

    • Day 1: 3 rounds of IRL Vintage Masters draft (packs will be generated on MTGO and then physically re-constructed), 4 rounds of Modern.

    • Day 2: 3 rounds of KTK draft, 4 rounds of Standard.

    • Top 4 will be Standard.




  • Eternal Weekend

    • Legacy Championship won by Kevin Jones (UR Delver)

    • 6 Delver decks in the top 8, 1 Punishing Maverick, 1 UB Tezzeret

    • Vintage Championship won by Mark Tocco (Oath). Won with a virtual turn 1 kill in the final game!

    • Harry Corvese also made top 8, playing Oath.

    • 4 Delver decks in the top 8 here as well.


  • GP Stockholm (Standard)

    • Won by Matej Zatlkaj playing Jeskai Aggro.

    • Other notables in the top 8 included Christian Seibold (Sidisi Whip) and Lukas Blohon (BG Constellation).

    • Top 8 decks: Abzan Midrange, 2x BG Constellation, 2x Jeskai Aggro, Temur Aggro, Sidisi Whip, Mono Red

    • Top 16 Decklists: 2 More Sidisi Whip decks, 2 Mardu Midrange, etc.


  • SCG Minneapolis

    • Standard Open won by Andrew Johnson (Jeskai Aggro)

    • Top 8 decks: 2x Jeskai Aggro, UW Control(!), 2x Abzan Midrange, RG Monsters, Mardu Midrange, Temur Monsters

    • Brad Nelson (BW Aggro) and Jeff Hoogland (Temur Monsters) finished in the top 16.


    • Legacy Open won by Anthony Leen (Jeskai Delver).

    • Pretty diverse top 8, including Lands and Slivers!



  • TCGPlayer 50K Championship

    • Mike and Morgan attended. Any fun stories?

    • Won by Andrew Baeckstrom (Mardu Midrange).

    • Other notables in the top 8 included Josh McClain (Abzan Midrange), Raymond Perez (Abzan Midrange), and Caleb Durward (RG Midrange).

    • Top 8 Decks: 3 Mardu Midrange, 2 Abzan Midrange, Temur Monsters, RG Midrange, Jeskai Ascendancy Combo.

    • Top 16 featured Craig Wescoe (RW Aggro) and Melissa Detora (Mardu Midrange).


  • Dayton PTQ/SCG Elite IQ

    • Mike finished 11th at the PTQ

    • Shoutout to Riley for winning the PTQ!

    • Dave split in the finals of the Elite IQ on Sunday, was pretty lucky to do so.



  • Caleb Durward and Cody Lingelbach played on camera in the top 4 of the TCGPlayer 50K. Since the top 4 had split, they made a gentleman’s agreement to mulligan to 2 (or 4 for game 3).

    • While this is technically legal, do we feel like this made a mockery of the tournament and/or coverage? Caleb apologized to the community via Facebook, do we feel like this was necessary or are people making a big deal about nothing?




  • Contest!

  • Comic Town is having a Spooky Halloween FNM!

    • $25 gift certificates will be given away to both the best costume, and the funniest costume of the night!

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  • This past weekend’s Standard Open and Modern IQ winner Trevor Humphries is under investigation by SCG for cheating (shuffling).

    • Prize money is being held until review is complete. If found guilty, prize will be donated to charity.

  • TCGPlayer 50k Championship is coming this weekend. Thoughts on the new schedule?



  • SCG Worcester Standard Open:

    • Top 8 headlined by Dave Shiels (playing Jeskai) and Andrew Boswell (playing Lax Abzan Midrange)

    • Top 8 decks: 2 Jeskai, 3 Abzan Midrange, 1 Boss Sligh, 1 Gb Devotion, 1 Temur Midrange

    • Won(?) by Trevor Humphries playing Jeskai. (0 Rabblemasters, 3 Brimaz and 1 Narset maindeck)

  • Legacy Open won by Ben Glancy playing Esper Deathblade featuring 3 Treasure Cruise.

    • Treasure Cruise is taking over! 4 decks with Treasure Cruise in the top 8 including 2 U/R Delver decks.

  • Modern IQ

    • Won(?) by Trevor Humphries.

    • 2 Naya Zoo in the top 8.

    • 4 U/R Delver in the top 16, all with Treasure Cruise.

    • Dig Through Time starting to show up in various lists, including Twin and Jeskai Geist.


  • Grand Prix Los Angeles:

    • Notable top 8 competitors: Brad Nelson (Mardu Midrange), National Team member Isaac Sears (Abzan Aggro)

    • Top 8 decks: 2 Abzan Aggro, 2 Abzan Midrange, 2 Boss Sligh, 1 GR Monsters, 1 Mardu Midrange

    • Won by Daniel Scheid playing GR Monsters.

      • Top 16 included Patrick Chapin (Abzan Midrange), Brian Kibler (Temur Monsters), Fabrizio Anteri (Abzan Midrange), and Valentin Mackl (Mardu Midrange)


  • Dave’s Deck Corner

    • Spotlight on the Mardu list played by Brad Nelson, Valentin Mackl, and Patrick Dickmann.


This Weekend


  • Mike and Morgan talk about preparation, what decks they are thinking of playing at the TCGPlayer 50k?
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FNM Updates, Now you can play literally anything

Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir CoverageU


Pro Tour Decklists

  • Three of top lists are Jeskai Wins, three of top lists are some form of Abzan (two midrange, one aggro), one Jeskai Ascendancy Combo list, one UB control list (#idontneednogreen)


You Know What Really Grinds My Tears?





Pro Tour Fantasy Draft - Mike won! Yay!


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