• Jared Boettcher suspended for 46 months, Rookie of the Year title revoked.

    • Title passes down to Ray Perez Jr, who will now attend worlds.


  • Commander 2014 will be released this Friday. Full spoiler is out.

    • What do we think of this release as a whole?

    • Are there any cards we think will impact Eternal formats?


  • Third set of Khans block will be Dragons of Tarkir. Release date March 27, 2015.

    • Pro Tour will be held in Brussels, Belgium on April 10-12, 2015.


  • MTGO overhauls the cube again, now dubbed the Legacy Cube since it has cards only legal in that format.

    • Mostly positive changes. Redesigned to encourage more interactive games (ex. no swords, TNN).

    • Will be back from 11/9 - 12/10. Vintage Masters draft will also be back during this time.



  • GP Santiago (Standard)

    • Won by Eduardo dos Santos Viera, playing a very different style of Abzan than what we’re used to (3 Hornet Queen, 3 Soul of Theros!).

    • Other top 8 headliners include Brazilians Willy Edel (Sidisi Whip) and Pedro Carvalho (Temur Aggro).

    • Top 8 Decks: 2x Abzan Midrange, Abzan Aggro, 3x Temur Aggro, Sidisi Whip, Mono Red


  • GP Nashville (Team Limited)

    • Won by Matt Nass, Jacob Wilson, and Jesse Hampton.

    • Stacked top 4 included teams of Martell/PVDDR/Shenhar, Black/Severa/Vidugiris, and Sharfman/Beasley/Cox.

    • Shoutout to Matt Sommerhalter, Riley Curran, and DeWitt Kane for their undefeated day 1.


  • SCG Oakland

    • Standard Open won by Ivan Jen playing an innovative Jeskai Heroic/Ascendancy deck! (More on Dave’s Deck Corner)

    • Top 8 Decks: Jeskai Heroic Combo, 2x BG Constellation, BG Devotion, 2x Abzan Midrange, Jeskai Aggro, Temur Aggro


    • Legacy Open won by Joseph Moreno playing Dredge. Glenn Jones and Joe Lossett also make an appearance in the top 8.

    • Top 8 Decks: Dredge, Sultai Delver, ANT, UR Delver, Miracles, Goblins, Sneak and Show, Lands.

    • 2 more Dredge decks in the top 16.


    • Modern Premier IQ won by Alan Marling playing Affinity.

    • Top 16 Decks



  • Break down of the Jeskai Heroic Combo deck that won the SCG Oakland Open.

    • Is this deck a flash in the pan or a legitimate player going forward?

    • How can decks adapt to fight this deck?




  • We will be playing in the SCG Open in Columbus! Which formats are we all planning on playing? What decks are we bringing?

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