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Come listen to Dave, Jordan, Mike and Morgan discuss the banned and restricted list update, Magic 2015 prereleasing, and the new hotness, Battle Box! (You can find Brian Demars' Danger Room article hereBen Stark's take on Battle Box can be found here.)

This is a special one for us, and we couldn't have done it without our wonderful listeners! Thank you! 

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Mike is on vacation this week, but Morgan, Jordan, and Dave are here to bring you a fresh and exciting new episode!

We start with our competitive segment, as Morgan and Jordan recap their experiences at the PTQ in Toledo, OH. Were either of them able to punch a ticket to the gun Tour? We then get into the Standard and Legacy results from the SCG Open in Wuhstah, MA (spelling updated for correct pronunciation). We can all only hope to be as good as Charlie Mitchell one day.

Next we look at the recent announcement of the M15 Clash Pack. This new product comes with some pretty nifty alternate art foils and some relevant reprints.

Hall of Fame voting season is here once again. You may have noticed quite a few articles posted recently regarding this topic. We discuss a handful of candidates to see who might headline the HOF Class of 2014.

Finally, the M15 prerelease is this weekend! We take a look at all of the prerelease foils as well as some of the relevant cards for limited.
Jordan took a sick day, so you know what that means...spoiler discussion! Morgan, Dave, and Mike briefly recap the results of the SCG Standard Open in Portland, GP: Washington DC, and GP: Milan before diving into M15 spoilers. We discuss some of the most exciting cards previewed so far, including all 6 planeswalkers! Come in for a listen to hear our thoughts on how this set will impact the future of Standard!
We have a pretty full episode this week, packed to the brim with all the happenings from this past weekend! To kick it off, Mike and Dave discuss their experiences attending GP: Chicago (hint: it wasn't pretty). We then look at the final results from the GP, where Tyler Blum took it down with good old Mono Black Devotion. Moving on, we look at the SCG Standard Open in Las Vegas which was won by Kevin Rand playing Mono Red Aggro. Lastly, M15 previews are in full swing and the crew talks about a few of the interesting cards spoiled so far.
It was a good weekend to be a red mage! We had three major tournaments featuring Standard and three different red archetypes that took the trophies. Episode 46 is here and the crew recaps all of the happenings from the SCG Invitational in our hometown of Columbus. We also review the results of the SCG Standard and Legacy Opens, as well as GP Moscow. How will the results from this weekend change the landscape of the Standard metagame going forward? We discuss as we look ahead to GP Chicago this weekend.
It's the one year anniversary of the podcast, and the crew (minus Dave) has an all new power packed episode for your listening pleasure!

We start with our experiences drafting Conspiracy before looking at nominations for the Community Cup. Hear who AYES is backing for this awesome event!

Moving on, we look at the results of the SCG Standard and Legacy Opens from this past weekend in Providence, RI. What do the results mean for these formats moving forward to the SCG Invitational this weekend in Columbus, OH?

Morgan and Mike discuss the tournaments that they played in over the past weekend. We then discuss our expectations for the SCG Invitational/Opens and what we'll be battling with this coming weekend.

Finally, we're bringing back our Going to Turns segment this week. Mike and Jordan troll each other in an epic battle for all the gold!
In this bonus episode, Jordan sits down with Legacy Elves enthusiast and 2-time SCG Open Series winner Riley Curran! They discuss the Elves archetype in depth and break down the most recent winning decklist card by card. If you are thinking about playing this deck, or are just a fan of Legacy in general, then you will not want to miss this!
In this week's episode, the crew is joined by local legacy specialist and now 2 time SCG Legacy Open winner Riley Curran! We touch on a myriad of topics, including the recent changes to the GP bye thresholds and the now fully spoiled Conspiracy set! 

In our competitive segment we look at the results from GP Manchester and GP Sao Paulo. We also highlight some of the interesting decks from the top 16 of the SCG Standard Open in Indianapolis. Lastly we have some Legacy talk with Riley, our most recent SCG Legacy Open Champ!

To wrap things up this week, we discuss the heartbreaking situation involving Mariah Pagliocco and what we in the Magic Community can do to help. There has already been a tremendous outpouring of love and support thus far, and we encourage everyone to please donate and/or share this information on social media. Here is where you can donate to the Medical Fund for Mariah.
The crew is back for Memorial Day after taking a week off! In this episode we discuss the results of Pro Tour Journey Into Nyx and the exciting announcement of the fall set Khans of Tarkir. We also take a look into the initial M15 spoilers and touch on the near-completed Conspiracy set (hot foil alert!). We then roll into this past weekend's competitive scene by looking into the SCG Open in Somerset and GP: Atlanta. Lastly, Morgan and Mike regale us with tales of triumph and woe from the local sealed PTQ in Columbus, OH.
Have you ever wondered about the physics behind a full adult sized duck jumping into a swimming pool of gold coins?  Has the idea of said duck swimming through the aforementioned gold coins ever struck you as odd and implausible?  If not, you're a lunatic.  If so, this episode of At Your End Step is for you.

We also talk about SCG KnoxvilleGP Minneapolissuper duper expensive judge promos, and Vintage Masters, but the big deal is a duck swimming through gold coins.  Wouldn't he just die?  Would he have the physical strength to propel himself through the crushing weight of all of that gold?  We demand answers!

Check out for all your singles needs.  They're good to us :D